Bike Racks You Need

What Type Of Bike Rack Do You Need? 

Bison Products Makes Bike Racks

we have been manufacturing Bike Racks for over 2 Decades.

We have a large range of Bike Racks for storage at home and events. Wall, Floor, Vertical and high volume storage.

Bike Racks designed and manufactured in the UK.  Floor mounted, wall mounted, vertical and semi-vertical.

The standard range of toast rack and dual height racks are ideal for bikes with tyres between 28mm and 55mm. Our new adjustable bike rack has been designed to accommodate a wide range of bike tyre widths ranging from skinny road bikes with 15mm tyres to massive Fatboy tyres up to 100mm. 

The standard range comes with a round top and looks cool and sleek like a toaster rack. Our flat top range works best for bikes with front disc brakes giving you a little extra room needed so you don't damage these parts. They also come in a dual height design which can make storage and access easier. 

The commercial or high use range offers a great solution for communal spaces and multi-sport events transition areas. 

All our racks come in Zinc Silver and are clear lacquered for optimum weather protection so you can fix these in any location including against an outside wall, in a garage or shed.