Bike Racks

What Type Of Bike Rack Do You Need? 


Great for the Garden, Garage or Shed an ideal way to store bikes by the front or rear wheel.


Space saving wall mounted bike racks are great for anywhere.


Adjustable racks are perfect for bike collections that have different tyre widths. Able to store bikes with tyres from 5mm to 100mm.


Great for high volume bike storage and usage at shops, offices, factories and city centres. 


The Transition Area Bike Stand for Sporting Events

Bike Racks

Bike storage can be a struggle at times. The jumbled mess of pedals and derailers strewn over the garage floor or stacked in the corner of the shed or garden. 

The Bison Bike Racks offer an effective way to safely store 1 or more bikes in an organised way by the front or rear wheel. We have bike racks that accommodate disc brakes, fat tyres, High volume storage and vertical storage for tight spaces. 

We have a wide range of bike racks available:  

Floor Mounted Bike Racks

From 1 to 5 bikes these bike racks make it easy to store your bikes by the front or rear wheel. A simple drive-in drive-out bike stand that is secured to the ground and can be added to, if your storage needs grow. The floor mounted range includes the toast rack, a dual height rack, a dual height flat top rack which are great for bikes with disc brakes. 

Also in this range are the floor mounted commercial range for large volume bike storage, great for shops, schools, or large bike sheds. 

Wall Mounted Bike Racks

For areas with reduced space available for bike storage, the vertical wall mounted bike hook lets you store your bikes vertically saving space where its needed. The floor mounted section also includes some of the floor mounted bike racks as these can easily be secured to the wall to great effect. 

Adjustable Bike Racks

Bikes with oversized tyres seem to be growing in popularity and trying to find a secure way of storing your bike is a mission. We took this on board and developed an adjustable bike rack that can store bikes with different tyre widths from 10mm to 100mm. Problem solved.  

Commercial Bike Storage

The range of commercial bike storage options offers strong and sturdy bike stands for high volume locations. These include the Sheffield Toast Rack which ranges from 1 hoop to 5 hoops storing up to 10 bikes. This can be added to for an endless storage capability. These are widely used in shopping centres, apartment complexes, schools, and city centres. 

Event Bike Stands

Our Event Bike Stands are the perfect triathlon transition areas stand and are very easy to assemble and store and come in a range of 1 metre to 3 metre lengths and can be put in series for unlimited bike storage.