Ladder Accessories


Retro fitted ladder stabilisers work with combination, step, extension and telescopic ladders.



Designed to fit most ladders by securing to ladder rungs. Allowing the user to step off the working area, work over obstructions.


Fit any ladder giving you secure access to roof's with guide wheels and hook grip.


Adding secure stability where its needed which is great if you are unsteady on your feet or just want more stability.  


If you don't have someone to foot your ladder, these are a great substitute. 


Safe and Secure storage for ladders in the shed or on your van. 

Ladder Accessories by Bison Products

Bison Products have been manufacturing ladder safety equipment for over 30 years. Our products have stood the test of time and have kept tradespeople and DIYers safe for decades. 

Our incredibly popular roof hook that fits most ladders is a brilliant accessory for anyone who needs safe and reliable access to roofs. It is easily attached and can be removed and used again, or because it’s lightweight, it can simply be left on the ladder. 

The patented big grip is the ladder climber’s best friend if, extending the footprint to over 1200% and provide additional support with ground anchor points to really stay grounded. These are just two of the products in our range that are suited to all manner of applications.

Ladder Stabilisers

The first of our product categories is ladder stabiliser legs that provide added stability and an extended footprint. Fortunately, our ladder stabilisers are crafted to fit most ladder designs, so you can rest assured that our products should be suitable for your ladder type. The most important feature of a ladder is its stability, as this ensures safer practice. Therefore, our products are imperative when it comes to safely working at height. 

Ladder Standoffs

If you’re looking for the best ladder standoff in the UK, look no further than Bison Products. As with our ladder stabilisers, our adjustable ladder standoff brackets are designed to fit most ladders.

Our extendable ladder standoffs allow users to step off the working area and work over a multitude of obstructions including drainpipes, fixings, and corners. On top of this, our extension ladder roof standoffs can be purchased for as little as £26, making them a secure and affordable option. 

Roof Hooks

When it comes to accessing a roof, roof hooks are one of the safest and most effective means of doing so. Our roof hooks are designed with guide wheels and a hook grip so that you can perfectly position your ladder ready for your project. Additionally, our roof hooks are designed to fit any ladder and are ideal for commercial purposes. Similarly, our roof hook products are incredibly affordable, from £30. 

Safety Rails

Our Safety rails are ideal for stability when using steps or accessing loft / attic spaces. Easy to install and come either powder coated black or zinc silver which makes them good for inside or outside. We have 2 types of safety rails, the grab rail which is a single hoop with 8 fixing points for added strength.

We also have the balustrade which also comes in black or silver and is designed to give support and to stop anyone falling through when in the loft space.

These rails can be purchased from as little as £30, making them a simultaneously safe and affordable option. 

Ladder Footers

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have uneven ground and don’t have someone to foot your ladder for you, our ladder footers are the ideal alternative for that non-slip protection while you work. Not only do they provide stability to all ladder types on unlevel and unstable ground, but they’re incredibly easy to use and are available from as little as £55. 

Ladder Storage

Ladders are by no means small, meaning that sometimes, storing them can present a real difficulty; however, this isn’t the case when Bison Products is onside. Whether you’re looking to store your ladder in the shed or on your van, we’re able to provide secure storage for up to a triple extension ladder. Our ladder storage can be used in a commercial capacity and can be purchased from £20.

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