Two-Person Outdoor Smoking Shelter.

Two-Person Outdoor Smoking Shelter

These smoke shelters can be used as personal smoking shelters, but if placed in a work setting, our two-person outdoor smoking shelters will also allow employees to take a break should they choose to smoke outside. They can also be used as cheap event shelters or garden canopies and awnings. The wide range of uses of our outdoor shelters make them very versatile and appeal to a wide audience.

Powder coated steel frame with Sheet Steel roof and sides

Our steel smoking frames have a roof and sides, which allows users to stay dry from the rain and fairly protected from cold and harsh weather. This appeals to employers who are looking to create an outside space for their employees, as this is ideal for that purpose.

Powder-coated steel frames ensure that the shelters do not corrode due to the weather conditions, whether it be heavy rain or intense sunlight. This material makes our shelters more usable in the long term, which means our customers get their money’s worth.

Floor and Wall fixing points

 Our two-person shelters can be fixed to the floor and to a wall, which ensures that the shelter does not move in harsh and windy weather. This makes our outdoor shelters safer for users, which is reassuring for employers and other buyers of this product. This feature makes our outdoor smoking shelters ideal for long-term use.

Conforming to the government Legislation Parliament Act 3368

This smoking shelter adheres to the government Legislation Parliament Act 3363, and this reassures customers about the safe use of these products. Smoking in indoor public places, enclosed workplaces, or public transport is not allowed in the UK. Therefore, our outdoor smoking shelters are ideal for providing employees with a legal outdoor smoking area.

Need more space? Take a look at our Four- and Eight-Person Outdoor Shelter

These facilitate bigger spaces which are ideal for many customers. We also offer bespoke shelters for a variety of uses and places, whether it be schools or workplaces, that can meet your needs. Please visit our website at to view our full range of items.

If you are interested in a bespoke shelter, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01283 215097, where a helpful team member will talk you through the options we offer and how we can tailor it to your needs.