Four-Person Outdoor Smoking Shelter

Four-Person Outdoor Smoking Shelter

Our four-person outdoor smoking shelter is perfect for communal areas for employees who are on breaks. They are sturdy, safe, and secure due to the steel used in the frame and the fixing points to floors and walls to keep them in place. They can be used as smoking shelters as well as outdoor rain shelters or canopies.

Powder-coated steel frame with sheet steel roof and sides

Our steel smoking frames have a roof and sides, which allows users to stay dry from the rain and fairly protected from cold and harsh weather. This appeals to employers who are looking to create an outside space for their employees, as this is ideal for that purpose. The use of the powder-coated steel in the frame ensures that the shelter is adequate for long-term use, in which up to four people can use it, and that it won’t get affected by environmental factors like weather.

Floor and wall fixing points

 Our smoking shelters all fix to the ground or wall, and this ensures that the frame is secure and in place for safe and regular use, as well as long-term use.

Conforming to the government Legislation Parliament Act 3368

This smoking shelter adheres to the government Legislation Parliament Act 3363, and this reassures customers about the safe use of these products. Smoking in indoor public places, enclosed workplaces, or public transport is not allowed in the UK. Therefore, our outdoor smoking shelters are ideal for providing employees with a legal outdoor smoking area.

If a Four-person shelter is not quite right for you, take a look at our two- and eight-person outdoor smoking shelters on our website at

We are also able to offer our customers bespoke shelters and tailor them to your needs. If you would like more information on this, please call us on 01283 215097.