Floor Mounted Bike Racks

1 Bike Cycle Racks

The single bike storage stand is brilliant to add to existing racks or for secure storage in tight spaces.

3 Bike Cycle Racks

Store up to  3 Bike by the front or rear wheel

4 Bike Cycle Racks

Store up to 4 Bikes by the front or rear wheel

5 Bike Cycle Racks

Store up to 5 bikes by the front or rear wheel

Sheffield Bike Stands

Widley Used in Commercial Locations Like Shops, Apartment Buildings & City Centres.

Event Bike Racks

The transition area bike stand is easy to assemble and can me set in series for an unlimited number of bikes.

Floor Mounted Bike Racks. 

A shed full of bikes lay on each other all tangled is more common than you might think. Garages, sheds, hallways and back gardens are either the only place or the best place to store your bikes and as soon as you have more than 1 bike storage hell ensues.

The floor mounted bike rack is an easy to install and use cycle rack that can hold up to 5 bikes by their front or rear wheel. Heavy duty fixings are supplied to secure the bike rack to the floor and hold your bikes upright. Most racks come with a max tyre width of 55mm except for our new adjustable bike rack. 

Our floor mounted bike racks come in 4 variations. 

Toast Rack

We have the round top toaster rack style bike racks. These, as the name would suggest, look like a toast rack and are elegant in design with a simple form for function aspect to keep your bikes in a neat line. These have also been used to store several other items which are not bicycles. 

Dual Height

This bike rack has the same toaster rack design but comes with elevated sections to raise alternate bikes for easier access and reduced entanglement. 

Flat Top

The Flat Top Bike Rack was designed to accommodate bikes with disc brakes. Taking the peak off the hoop meant that most bikes could now use our bike racks with confidence they won’t damage their expensive parts. The Flat top also comes in a dual height for an easier storage solution. 


The Adjustable Bike Rack has been in our development program for a while now. We knew that not all bikes are equal and not everyone chooses a bike with a tyre width of 55mm. The ever-popular Fat Max bikes also need some love and attention and we decided to recognise this with the fully adjustable floor mounted bike rack with sliding sections to accommodate tyre widths from 5mm to 100mm for up to 3 bikes. 


If floor mounted bike racks just won’t cut it. We do have a range of wall mounted bike racks, event bike racks and commercial bike racks.