Posts for Larger Vehicles

Driveway Security Posts for Larger Vehicles

The ramco driveways security bollard 100 range is recommended for the larger vehicles from saloons to vans. 

Made from 100mm x 100mm x 5mm steel, sitting at 540mm out of the ground the Ramco 100 or Solid 100 are an ideal theft deterrent. 

Installed into the ground sitting flush with the ground when lowered, these posts are fully telescopic.

The Ramco 100 has an integrated, anti-pick, anti-drill lock and can withstand large impact forces. With a lift weight of approximately 8kg the Ramco 100 is ideal for the heavier vehicle. 

The Padlock 100 is a fully telescopic driveway security bollard with padlock protection. Supplied with a 70mm discuss padlock and 2 keys with the option to upgrade the padlock to a very heavy duty version for improved security. The Solid 100 is great for low traffic areas like field entrances or caravan security.