Replacement Security Post

If your Ramco Driveway Security Bollard has been damaged and needs some repair work we can help. 

You put security posts in to protect your property and for the most part that's what they do. But, occasionally, we rush around and totally forget or don't see the massive metal post sticking out of the ground with hi vis reflective tape on it and drive our vehicles straight into it causing disruption and damage to the post and vehicle. 

A Ramco Security Post is there to protect your vehicle and keep your property safe and we want it to continue to do this for as long as possible. 

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01283 215 097


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Is your post just looking a bit tired? 

As with everything, mother nature can wear on the poor little Ramco Security Post and it can start to feel the affects of sitting in water or being bashed by the elements. If this happens we can give your post or posts a freshen up by replacing the retractable post with a new shiny post, returning it back to its former glory. 

For more information give us a call on 01283 215 097