Attach to existing ladders for additional stability when working at height. 



Ladder base stabilisers are effective at preventing damage to windows, tiles, and gutters, as they allows you to position your ladder away from the wall. These ladders with stabiliser bars can be attached to most extension ladders, making them a versatile tool ideal for anyone who regularly works at a height. 

You can easily convert any extension ladder into a roof ladder with the help of one of our a stabiliser bars for a ladder. Each of our ladder stabiliser feet is crafted from strong metals such as aluminium, allowing you to rely on our products for ample support and a secure hold. 

Work at Height Safely

When it comes to working at a height, safety must always be kept at the forefront. This is demonstrated via our range of ladder stabiliser legs as we make certain they are built from the sturdiest materials. If you’re in need of secure ladders, a ladder with a stabiliser bar is the way to go. 

Although trained professionals will likely be very familiar with how to stabilise a ladder, a novice may not be so sure. As a result, they may be frantically searching online, only to find unreliable and insecure tips and tricks. Instead, they should come to us for a ladder stabiliser bar – the simplest and safest means of stabilising a ladder. 

Reduced Sway

Anyone who has climbed a ladder knows the dreaded feeling of when a ladder starts to sway. This makes you nervous, resulting in your balance being hindered even further. When working at a height, this can be scary and, not to mention, dangerous. Despite this, discomfort and danger can be swiftly avoided with the help of our stabilisers. 

In fact, EN131 ladder regulations state that ladders exceeding three metres tall must have a stabiliser to reduce the risk of slipping. Therefore, not only are our products imperative for your peace of mind, but they’re also required for adhering to safety regulations. 

Better Stability

Stability is the most important feature of any ladder, which is what our products provide. You’ll be able to scale a structure with confidence with the help of our range of stabilisers. Working on even the most unstable ground couldn’t be easier when our stabiliser products are on hand. 

Be sure to browse our collection for vital safety and stability when it comes to working at a height on a multitude of terrains. Order now.