The ladder standoff is attached to the top of the ladder to create a stand over action. An adjustable ladder standoff bracket is great for standing off to reach into an overhanging gutter, standing over an obstruction, like a drainpipe, or even securely siting on the corner of a building.


Here at Bison Products, we supply a variety of extendable ladder standoffs that are suitable for an array of applications. Safety is the most important feature of every aspect, which is why each of our extension standoffs is extremely sturdy and secure. Read on to discover more about our range of ladder wall standoffs here.

What is a Ladder Standoff?

A ladder standoff is an innovative piece of technology that facilitates greater flexibility when using a ladder. As previously mentioned, your safety is not compromised during the use of a standoff, as the metal bracket fixes the ladder in place, allowing you to work freely without concern. A ladder standoff provides you with a greater range of accessibility and motion, meaning that more effective results can be achieved. Similarly, the need to lean backwards is removed, which can lead to significant mishaps and injuries. 

Using a Ladder Standoff

Ladder standoffs are simple to attach, either by clamping onto the ladder or hooking over your ladder rungs. You should always attach your ladder standoffs whilst you’re still on the ground, to allow for greater stability. Be sure to follow the product-specific instructions in order to assure safe practice.


The use of a ladder standoff will make you feel much more secure and confident when working at a height. This is predominantly due to large ladder standoffs that are wider than the ladder itself, increasing the footprint and stability when working at height.


The shape of our V-Type ladder standoffs means that they’re able to straddle downpipes, eliminating the need for them to be leaned over or around. It also means that the ladder doesn’t need to be propped against the gutter causing damage whilst increasing lateral stability.

Shop Ladder Stays and Standoffs with Bison Products

In order to get your hands on some of the best ladder standoffs in the UK, be sure to browse the Bison Products collection. We provide an array of standoff types suited to various applications, allowing for safe practice in all manner of project types. Discover the Bison Products collection today to find the right standoff product for you.