Ramco 100 Supply & Fit - The driveway security bollard for Medium to Large vehicles

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Supply and fit the Ramco 100 driveway security bollard. Recommended for medium to large vehicles the Ramco 100 is a strong and sturdy addition to any vehicle and home security. 
Sitting securely 850mm deep and 540mm high the fully telescopic security post lifts out when needed and sits flush when stowed away. 
Security posts can give a single vehicle the protection it needs if you have 1 vehicle that is highly sought after we can install directly behind or Infront of that vehicle or they can be a cost-effective alternative to expensive driveway gates and span the width of your driveway opening. 


Installation includes: 

Site Survey and Services Scan.

1 x Ramco 100 Driveway Security Bollard with 3 Keys.

1 x Installation at your location.

Reinstatement of surface finish (concrete, tarmac, block paving etc).

Removal of waste material.

Full demonstration of working post including maintenance procedure. 

1 Year Product and Installation Warranty.