Ramco Installations

Professional and Assured Ramco Driveway Security Bollard Installation.

The Ramco range of driveway security bollards are a fantastic, low cost and proven way to not only stop your vehicle from being stolen but reduce attempts to steal your vehicle. 

Attempts to steal vehicles can be just as costly as a theft itself.


The Drill

How do we install your Ramco Driveway Security Bollards? 

  • Choose the best Ramco driveway security bollard for your vehicle. We have created a useful guide to help make that decision. We are happy to discuss this with you if you are unsure. You can reach us on 01283 215 097. 
  • We then choose the best time for your new posts to be installed. 
  • When we arrive on site we will firstly check where you want the posts to go, measure the area and possibly your vehicles to ensure they will offer you the protection you are paying for. 
  • Now the position is sorted we scan the area for services, cables, pipes, and anything else that may get in the way. 
  • Depending on the finish you have. Be it block paving, tarmac, gravel etc. We will remove the top surface and start to excavate. 
  • Once we have reached the depth needed, we will add a layer of gravel for a soak away. Then place the chosen Ramco security post on top of the gravel, in the hole and add more gravel to the bottom 3rd of the post.  
  • This helps with any water build up or rainfall into the post and allows it to soak away and stop the post from sitting in water where it can degrade the zinc coated surface over time. 
  • The post is then levelled front to back, left to right.  
  • When the Ramco post is level, we add a dry post mix which draws water from the surrounding ground and goes hard within 24 hours. If we feel the area is too dry, we may use a wet mix to ensure security as quickly as possible. 
  • The top section of the area is then finished by replacing the removed block or gravel or if the area is concrete or tarmac, we will replace with new. It can be a little more difficult if you have a printed or resin driveway. There can also be additional costs if we need to purchase certain resin, but we will discuss this with you when booking you in. 
  • All that’s left to do is to show you how to use the post and hand over the keys to your new Ramco Driveway Security Post!



  Ramco 600 round in black installed Ramco 600 round in black installed in Driveway Ramco 600 round telescopic driveway security bollard in black installed in printed concrete driveway in London