Ramco Lift Out Driveway Security Post 1200

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The Ramco Lift Out / Removeable Driveway Security Bollard. 

1200mm high

70mm x 70mm square post

Ant-Pick, Anti-Drill Security Lock. 

Zinc coated Silver. 


The Ramco lift out post is semi telecopic with a 400mm sleave that is secured into the ground. The sleave has a lift up lid for a neat and tidy finish and to keep the dirt out when the post isnt being used. 

To use simply lower the security post into the sleave until it reaches the bottom. Using the key supplied, turn clockwise a quater turn and remove the key. The post is now secured. 

To release, insert the key and turn anti-clockwide a quater turn, remove the key then depress the bar behind the lock and lift out the post. 

It is advised that the security post is stored somewhere safe when not in use and refrain from dropping on the floor. 

The lift weight for the lift out security post is approximately 8kg.