Security Post Installations

Security Bollards can be a brilliant and cost effective way to protect your property. 

Our fully telescopic driveway security bollards are sunk in to the ground and sit level with your driveway when stowed. They are easy to use and secure quickly. They can be keyed alike if your driveway requires multiple posts.

How Many Posts Do I Need?  

This depends on how you want to install your security posts. 

If you are securing the entire driveway you can install them across the entrance or you can choose to install the post to protect an individual vehicle. Both are successful methods. 

If you are securing the whole entrance it is good practice to first measure your vehicle(s) and make sure that the gaps are no more than the shortest width. As a rule we recommend a gap no more than 1.5m. 

2m Entrance = 1 Post

3m Entrance = 1 Post

4m Entrance = 2 Posts

5m Entrance = 3 Posts

6m Entrance = 4 Posts


Safety & Precision

Before we put spade to ground we scan the area to check for services that might get in the way. We will discuss where your electricity and/or gas is and check for service points near the entrance to your driveway. 

We always ensure that your new security post fits in well with its surrounds. We cut slab or bricks around the post and continue the design where possible and we make certain we leave the job clean and tidy so all you have to do is enjoy the new security for you, your vehicle and your family. 


Which Post To Choose?

This can be a lengthy enquiry to decide which would be best for your property or vehicle.

We can help you decide.

Ramco 70 and Padlock 70 are recommended for small to medium cars. 

Ramco 100 and Padlock 100 are for larger vehicles including motorhomes and caravans.

Ramco 600 is for the more discerning customer. It has a beautiful powder coated finish and can be branded with a cool design, your house name or Hi Vis Pattern. 


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