Security post with Padlock


The strong and sturdy Ramco Range of Driveway Security Bollards with Padlock Protection. 

Each post has 3 options to help get the best results when installing the post in your driveway, garage or parking spot. 

Square Top - With it's straight edges is brilliant for block paving, concrete and tarmac but works just as well with any finish. 

Round top - Is a little trickier to finish off neatly, it does have a certain design feel to it and can be a great addition. 

Top Box (Boxed Lid) - Is the all-rounder and is perfect for having a clean and crisp finish when the post is lowered. 


How the Range is divided.



The Solid 100 is the largest of the padlock secured posts with a 100mm x 100mm x 4.5 steel square post that lifts out of the ground. The padlock is situated at the top of the post so it can be gotten to easily. The Solid 100 is recommended for larger vehicles and vans. 

All of our padlock posts are supplied with 70mm discuss padlocks that can be keyed alike for locations with multiple posts. You can choose to upgrade your lock at anytime. 

The Solid 100 comes with a choice of square, round of boxed lid top to give you some options based on your own preference or what ground finish you have to work with. Although we refer to this as a top plate or top box, when installed it actually sits on the floor which seems like the bottom. 



The Solid 70 is a lighter weight Driveway Security Post with padlock protection. Easier to lift and lower than the 100 and recommend for smaller vehicles. 

As with all of our posts you have a choice of Square, Round or Boxed tops.