Driveway Security Posts

Which Post Should You Choose? 

It can be as simple as asking yourself a couple of questions to determine what post would be right for you. 

What type of vehicle are you protecting?

  • For smaller vehicles (Fiesta, Yaris, Mini) the Ramco 70 or Padlock 70 is perfect. It is light enough to lift with ease and still offers superb security for your vehicle. 
  • For the larger vehicle like BMW 3 series and above, especially 4x4 vehicles, we reccommend the Ultimate Ramco 100 or Ultimate Padlock 100. These are more heavy duty driveway security post and offer greater protection of a heavier vehicle. 

What is the width of the space you want the posts to go? 

  • We recommend a gap no more than 1.4meter between each post of a post and wall or hedge or anything that a vehicle can't be driven over. 

How often are you going to use the post? 

  • A lot of use - The Ramco Range is best with its integrated lock and 3 keys. The Ramco can also be keyed alike so if you have multiple security post you can operate all of them with only one key. 
  • Not very often - The Padlock range would be sufficient - A solid post that locks with a padlock, which can be upgraded if required. 


Ramco Driveway Security Posts are designed and manufactured in the UK. Driven by providing cost effective security products that work to protect your vehicle and property to fit most budgets. 

Our security posts come in a variety of user friendly options. Our most popular is the fully telescopic Ramco Driveway Security post with integrated, Anti pick, Anti Drill lock.

Static and removable posts are also available to protect your property. Our static posts can be made to measure and in a colour of your choice.

Please call 01283 215097 to discuss.