Bespoke Shelters

Our Shelters

Here at Bison Products, we offer a range of outdoor shelters that are most commonly used as smoking shelters, bike shelters, rain shelters, or outdoor canopies, but can also be used as bus shelters as well as having other uses.

Our shelters are often used in a variety of places, including schools and workplaces. This is because our shelters are versatile and can be used for a range of things.

Our commercial outdoor shelters are made using steel box sections, sheet steel or shatter-resistance Perspex. This ensures that our outdoor canopy shelters can withstand harsh weather and won’t be corroded by the lovely British weather.

While our shelters are sometimes used as temporary outdoor shelters, they also fulfil the need of being a permanent shelter due to their durability as well as the feature of being fixed to the ground and walls to ensure safe and regular use.


The Look

Our smoking shelters adhere to the Smoking Ban Legislation Parliament Act 3368, which was implemented in 2006 to prohibit individuals from smoking in indoor premises. This means our shelters will also allow your company to comply with laws around smoking.

We have two ranges for shelters, which have different features:

The Premium Smoking Shelter range has:

  • Adjustable legs for levelling on uneven ground
  • Feet with fixing holes
  • A domed polycarbonate roof
  • Polycarbonate sides and back

The Steel Powder Coated Smoke Shelter range has:

  • Open front and rear
  • Steel arched roof
  • Ground and back fixing points
  • Powder coating finish in various colours


Bespoke Shelters

While we have a variety of different shelter types and sizes, we are able to offer bespoke shelters to fit the needs of our customers. We can provide bespoke smoking shelters, cycle shelters, bus shelters, and canopies to meet your requirements.

Through our standard range, we can offer two-person, four-person, and eight-person shelters, which can have a variety of uses and can fit your space perfectly. However, we strive to meet the needs of our customers, so if you require a different shape or size outdoor shelter, we are happy to discuss  this for you.


Contact Us About Your Bespoke Order

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling on 01283 215097 for more information on a bespoke order. A helpful member of our team will be able to talk you through your options and provide you with a quote.

Upon confirming your requirements, our outdoor shelter manufacturers will start the building process, ready to provide you with the ideal smoking shelter. Order yours now.